Choquequirao Hike

The Choquequirao Trek is a remote hike that takes you to the crown jewel of Incan Architecture. Known as the sister of Machu Picchu, this massive Inca site is three times bigger than its twin, Machu Picchu. Much of it is still covered by the dense jungle, with a lot left to be excavated and explored. When you join the few that have tackled this challenging and isolated trek, you become part of the history of the rediscovery of these ruins. Challenge yourself and explore, as the true story behind this mysterious site is uncovered every single day.

The Choquequirao Trail is not just about the ruins at the end. The true highlight of this trek is the journey, which is simply magical. Find the trailhead in an isolated village, far from any city or town. You immediately follow a narrow path that hugs the mountain sides. The landscape is absolutely stunning and guarantees to take your breath away. Enveloping you along the way is an other worldly contrast of vibrant green mountains, with snow capped mountain tops peaking through soft rings of clouds that caress the summits. This trek gets very little foot traffic because of its remoteness and difficulty. Therefore, the unique flora and fauna found here flourishes in its undisturbed natural environment. The Apumarac River winds its way through the rolling hills, gushing waters downstream. Expect rugged mountains, lush vegetation and crashing waterfalls to accompany you along this beguiling trail off the beaten trek.

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May. 2023

We made 4D / 3N of the Inka Trail. The experience was challenging, but it was worth it. Chef Fortunato's meals and explanations of Jony and David's places were very complete. Tmb the patience to make sure we all get there on time.


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