Why Orange Nation Peru – Travel Agency in Peru

We have become the leaders in small group adventure travel over the past decade by consistently listening to our travelers and delivering what they desire: adaptable itineraries, the freedom to explore, smaller group sizes, safety and peace of mind, and knowledgeable local guides who provide unique insights into the destination that would be missed through any other means of travel.

About Orange Nation


All Treks & Orange Tours are provided only by Orange Nation staff and professional guides.  What that means for you is that Orange Nation will never pass you onto another company or 3rd Party; we will work with you and give you a personalized service…. All the departures are 100% guaranteed – If you have booked, payed your deposit and recieved your confirmation you are going !

Orange Nation is a family owned tour agency based in Cusco, which provides personalized attention to each client’s needs from the very beginning of the booking process to the very end of your treks and tours. We want you to know that your needs and desires are important to us. We work hard on all the details because we want you to have the best travel experience possible! The personalized service includes making adjustments to our tours or treks so that we can meet your individual needs. One size does not fit all.  We keep our groups small, 4 to 6 on average with a maximum of eight people. We offer private groups for a little extra cost.  By keeping our groups small, our professional guides can give each client the personalized attention they deserve and want.

Orange Nation always answers all emails promptly. We have online chat services, whatsapp, and international phone numbers from the USA, Canada, England, and Australia with which you can call us. You can also contact us through skype, ID orangenation. If you need us to call you, we can call you anywhere in the world. Just put it on your booking form or send us an email. That makes communicating with us easy and personal. We love to hear from you! Orange Nation office staff are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and passionate about offering you great service! Our office staff, Saul, Junior, Mariela, and Edison are the backbone to our whole operation at Orange Nation.  We can thank our staff for a problem free and relaxing holiday for everyone. From the moment, you are in contact with us until the moment you leave on your tour or trek they are organizing everything down to the tiniest detail, so that your trip goes off without a hitch.

Orange Nation carefully chooses the best native Quechua (Inca) guides possible. They all speak fluent English and are passionate about trekking in the Andes. All of them have a University Degrees in either Archaeology, Tourism, Botany, History or Anthropology in order to become Professional Guides. We only hire guides with a minimum of 2 or more years of experience.  That means the best possible experience for you with guides that truly speak English and are knowledgeable in the Inca history, heritage and culture. In addition, all of our guides get trained by the RED CROSS in first aid, CPR and are prepared to deal with possible health emergencies.

Our Professional Chefs are fabulous! On the treks, out in the middle of nowhere, they are able to prepare delicious and abundant buffet style meals.  Our professional and dedicated cooks use a mixture of local and exotic produce prepare Peruvian and international cuisine. We also cater to vegetarians, vegans, and other types of special diets or special dietary requirements upon request. We are sure you will enjoy your gourmet meals as you trek the Inca Trail!

Orange Nation has daily departures for any tour or trek you choose, as long as we have a minimum of two participants, we go!  No need to worry that your trek will get cancelled. If you have booked, paid your deposit and received a final confirmation you are going.


We have the most customized trekking routes to meet our clients’ needs when looking for something different other than the typical classic treks offered everywhere. Our adventure treks are carefully planned and designed to give the best trekking experience possible. The details can be found ONLY on our site, orangenationperu.com. Take some time to explore our numerous options!

Unique trekking routes: Orange Nation is the specialist in creating unique trekking routes, following the original Inca Trail through the Andes Mountain Range, “Trekking the Ancient Paths of the Incas.” and camping at places no one else does! This gives you the best possible opportunity to experience the marvels and wonders of the Inca Trail & Alternative Treks like Lares Valley Hike and Salkantay Trek.

Our Professional Chefs are fabulous. On the treks out in the middle of nowhere, they are able to prepare delicious and abundant buffet style meals.  Our professional and dedicated cooks prepare Peruvian and international cuisine from a mixture of local and exotic produce. We also cater to vegetarians, vegans, and other types of special diets or special dietary requirements upon request. We are sure you will enjoy your gourmet meals as you trek the Inca Trail.

We employ around 90 porters. They are all farmers by trade and are native Quechua speakers. They are mainly from the three villages of Huacawasi, Calca and Patacancha. Along the Inca trail they are called our “Orange Machines,” our Super Porters. Our incredible porters are ready to carry your camping gear, food at all times and they are happy to help you with your necessities. It is important to us that we employ porters from the local villages, because by doing so we are supporting their local economies and supplying them with a reliable income.

Most of them have children and need employment. Orange Nation makes sure that all of our porters families are supported and ensure the children are educated and supplied with necessary equipment like books and notebooks.

Remember the survival of the Inca trail would be impossible if these local people were not with you!


With our tours and all-inclusive packages, we have the flexibility to adapt them to your needs, such as you want to spend an extra day in Machu Picchu, add an additional tour or change the order a bit.  Just let us know what you want to do and we will send you a customized itinerary.  The details of all of our tours and tour packages can be found on our website at www.orangenationperu.com under the titles of “Tours to Machu Picchu” and “Packages”.  Take some time to explore it!


Supporting community development initiatives

Orange Natio Peru actively engages in community development programs that aim to improve the quality of life for individuals and families in the communities it serves. This includes supporting education and health programs, as well as initiatives that promote economic development and social inclusion.

Our Christmas Charity Campaign

Every year, Orange Nation organizes trips to isolated communities in the mission to spread Christmas joy to children and their families. We hold traditional chocolatadas, in which we share freshly made hot chocolate and hand out Paneton (a type of Peruvian fruitcake). We take Christmas gifts to these children for the reason, that they live in isolated places and most in poor conditions.

Promoting environmental sustainability

Our Plant A Tree Campaign

Orange Nation Peru is concerned about the environment and believes it is our social responsibility to help preserve and conserve our planet. An example of this is deforestation in the Andes, there are numerous mountain slopes that are void of trees. Trees are critical for their beauty, their ability to protect the environment and its wildlife. The local livestock and people living near them are part of the deforestation issue as well. We are raising awareness by teaching these people and the surrounding regions that by planting trees. We can create a positive cycle in replenishing what is being cut down and replanting a tree in its place.