Food On Multi-Day Trek With Orange Nation Peru

For the Food On The Inca Trail Trek, the primary ingredients found in nearly every Peruvian dish are rice, potatoes, chicken, pork, lamb and fish, so expect a combination of the above.

At lunch and dinner, condiments on the table almost always include a small dish of “aji,” Peruvian spicy sauce. Ají can vary in color, being yellow, red or green. Color is not always indicative of how spicy an individual pepper is!

Our Gastronomy

ORANGE NATION PERU has one of the most outstanding meal services. With highly trained chefs, get ready to travel through Peru not just on foot, but through your food as well.

Specialist Chefs

Our Chefs are specially trained in order to deal with all types of dietary requirements. From vegan to celiac, we can accommodate your needs while still providing delicious and nutritious meals throughout your trip.

chefs - Orange Nation Peru

EXAMPLE MENU for the Food On The Inca Trail Trek

Day 1 Sample Meals:

Breakfast: Oatmeal, toast, butter, jam, pancakes, fruit salad and yogurt. Hot chocolate, coffee and a large selection of tea is available.

Lunch: A stuffed avocado to start, with a warming bowl of soup and garlic bread to follow. The main course is fresh steamed trout, accompanied by a beautiful red dressing. Drinks available; berry juice, herbal teas such as chamomile, lemongrass and coca tea.

Dinner: Vegetable soup, spaghetti with 2 delicious sauces. Dessert is chocolate pudding. Drinks: Chamomile helping you to relax and sleep, black tea, lemongrass and coca tea .

Day 2 Sample Menu:

Breakfast: Omelet and toast. Hot chocolate, coffee, and a selection of teas.

Lunch: Maiz (fresh corn) soup with garlic bread to start, followed by an asparagus appetizer and a main course of lomo saltado, rice, and vegetables. Drinks: Herbal teas such as chamomile, lemongrass and coca tea.

Dinner: Chicken drumsticks, rice, mashed potatoes and salad. A yummy hot dessert made from maizena. Drinks: A hot cup of tea, chamomile or a different tea of your preference.

Food On The Inca Trail Trek with Orange Nation Peru

Day 3 Sample Menu:

Breakfast: An early start means a breakfast on the go. You will get a cake today!

Lunch: The appetizer is a delicious Causa Rellena (local mashed potatoes with tuna filling) followed swiftly by a Quinoa soup. The main course will be steak, beans, salad, sweet potatoes and garlic bread. Drinks: passion fruit juice, herbal teas chamomile, lemongrass and coca tea.

Dinner: Stuffed chicken with a mouth watering dressing and pasta, served with a russian salad. Dessert – slices of peach, jelly and wine!!!

Some Traditional Dishes We Serve Are: 

Pachamanca: This is a typical dish from the highlands. It consists of lamb, pork, meat, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and a humita. First, one has to heat rocks on the ground using firewood. When they are hot enough, the food is placed inside a sack and buried underground with the hot rocks. A traditional underground Peruvian BBQ!

Papa a la Huancaina: Potatoes served with a special spiced yellow sauce, olives, lettuce and egg.

Papa Rellena: Meat stuffed into potato patties.

Rocoto Relleno: Traditional dish with meat, onions, peanuts, milk and eggs. Everything is baked inside of the delicious rocoto (pepper), with potatoes and cheese.

Seco de Cordera con Frejoles: Boiled beans with a lamb stew in green sauce, always served with white rice and raw onions, seasoned with lemon and ají.

Roast Cuy or Guinea pig: Is considered a delicacy and is traditionally served on very special occasions.

Lomo Saltado: This is a traditional Peruvian dish made with sliced beef, hot chilies, and french fries. It is a very easy dish to make and very popular.

Arroz con Pollo: This chicken and rice dish is made in two skillets and is flavored with cilantro, chili pepper and orange juice.

Veggie pasta: This recipe uses spaghetti squash in place of pasta to make a plate full of vegetables.

Red Salad: If you love beetroot you will love this!!

Food On The Inca Trail Trek with Orange Nation Peru

Get ready to travel through Peru not just on foot, but through your food as well!!